Powergate3 tuner

Powergate3 from Alientech gives you the ability to read and write files to your bikes ECU from anywhere. There’s no need to find a dyno all you need is a laptop and an interenet connections.

The palm size devise has an easy to follow touch screen with the added bonus of being able to read fault codes and clear them.

If you are upgrading to a new model then write the stock file back before the sale and use it to tune another bike, (conditions apply)

Write the stock file back to the ECU before a dealer service, switch between tunes, or develop your own tune, eg. one for economy and one for the race track

To get started just send us your stock file, we’ll match your modifications to one of our tunes (all tunes are developed on our dyno here in Melbourne),  and email it back to you, normally within a few hours.

Unit sold with up to 3 tune configurations, just pick one that best matches your riding style.

Download PDF: Powergate Model List

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