Power Commander Remap

KTM 990 LC8 remap

KTM LC8 990 on Workbench

KTM LC8 990 on Workbench

KTM LC8 990 Dyno Graph

KTM LC8 990 Dyno Chart

This was a good one; get a pair of slip-on mufflers, change the air filter, fit a Power Commander and download a map from some self-proclaimed guru's website, and away you go.

Well you figure it out - the point here is that the Power Commander gives great flexibility and near total control of fuel delivery. However, it's a lot easier to get it wrong than get it right, so in other words it's a tool, and a tool's only as good as the operator.

So after an extensive remap check out the result. I don't think I need say much more than this: if you're going to spend all that money then get the job finished properly by a professional and you'll be rewarded accordingly.

"feel the difference"