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A Dynojet tuning link approved center is a center that has up-to-date training, the latest tuning link software and the ability to provide you with the best possible Power Commander package and Dynojet solution.

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Kawasaki Power Commander

Kawasaki Z750 with a slip on muffler

Straight forward job this one, running lean mostly because of the slip on muffler fitted, sometimes it doesn't take much to tip then over the edge. If you look at the air fuel graph you can see it was rich in the upper end above 6000rpm.

However once it was remapped with a power commander it picked up power everywhere. Yes I know I keep harping on about it but the real improvement is in the throttle response and the way it accelerates right off the bottom.


Z750 Power Commander Remap


Z750 Power Commander Remap


Z750 Power Commander Remap

"feel the difference"

Kawasaki Z1000 2013 model with Akrapovic slipon's and DNA air filter

Australian model requires an 02 optimiser along with a PCV to get this bad boy tuned properly

Great result 6 horse power improvement top end and a big fat torque curve

"feel the difference"



Kawasaki ZX6R. Nija power! Full race exhaust system, BMC air filter, custom remapped to suit using a Power Commander.

Almost 115 horsepower means this bike's going to be a whole lot of fun for anyone who rides it.

Kawasaki ZX6R on the Dyno

Kawasaki ZX6R on the Dyno

Kawasaki ZX6R Dyno Chart

Kawasaki ZX6R Dyno Chart

ZX10R 2004

This bike has 2 sets of butterflies, however one set was removed on this bike, a "modification found on the internet" apparently....... mmmmmmm.
As you can see from the graph it has a big flat spot at 3500 rpm, it's not there on any other bike of this model I've had on the dyno, (not hard to work out what the cause is). We tried to tune it out with Power Commander and Tuning Link, unsuccessfully. It did however gain 5 horse power up top, oh well you just can't fix everything.
Power Commander remap ZX10R

Power Commander remap ZX10R

Kawasaki  ZX10R Dyno Chart

ZX10R Dyno Chart

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