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A Dynojet tuning link approved center is a center that has up-to-date training, the latest tuning link software and the ability to provide you with the best possible Power Commander package and Dynojet solution.

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Husqvarna Power Commander

Husqvarna SM630

Husqvarna SM630 2013 model with Arrow exhaust, we fitted a PCV and remapped it.

Top end power didn't change much but how it gets there sure did! There's a good 8% increase right through the rev range

The owner reported back to say "I didn't realise just how smooth this thing is when tuned properly, and I can't believe how much more midrange it has."

You beauty!!

"feel the difference"


Husqvarna SM360 on Dynobike Dyno


Husqvarna SM360 Dynojet Chart


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