Dyno Tuning

Powercommander package deals now available - fitted dyno and tuned with a custom map for $850.00

This includes Power commander III or V as applicable to your bike, fitting of the PC and an in-house custom map using our approved Tuning Link Dyno, along with 12 months warranty on the PCIII or PCV and after sales tech support. If you are not entirely happy after the tune we are happy to re-check the tune on our dyno adjust if necessary at no extra cost to you at any time within the 28 days of original dyno tune.

Dyno tuning Prices for EFI bikes from $195.00

If you have purchased a PCIII, PCV, PV, Bazzaz or EJK from anther supplier and fitted it to your bike we will make a custom map on our dyno to suit for $250.00*

* this price assumes you have installed the unit correctly and the motorcycle is operating as the manufacturer intended.

Note, all the above prices apply to most common makes and models. Phone or email for details.

Tuning Link

What is a tuning link approved center?

A Dynojet tuning link approved center has update training, the latest tuning link software and the ability to provide you with the best possible package and solution from Dynojet. These centres in Australia are listed on www.serco.com.au Australia's only authorized Dynojet distributer and premium training facility. They provide us with full support and latest technical advice for products.

Don't trust your pride and joy with just anyone; insist on Dynojet Approved Tuning Link Centers.

What is tuning link?

The Dynojet Tuning Link software is a specialist add-on available only to authorized Dynojet Tuning Centres to automatically optimize the fuel curve of a motorcycle by interfacing its Power Commander with a Model 250,250i & 250ix Load Control Dynamometer.

The Tuning Link software simultaneously controls the Dynamometer and the Power Commander. It monitors the current air/fuel ratio at over one hundred and forty different points.

In real time, the Tuning Link calculates the correct fuel adjustment to achieve the desired air/fuel ratio and uploads these new values to the Power Commander while saving a copy to file.

Tuning Link has the ability to map fuel curves in both "static" and "dynamic" modes, assuring that the generated fuel curves are correct for both steady state cruising as well as during aggressive on/off throttle movements, allowing optimization of the bike in a very short time, regardless of the bike's modifications. This reduces tuning time as well as times your motorcycle on the dyno.

Dynojet trained tuner + tuning link = great tune!!

No Guess work, just proven results.

Tuning Link is compatible with any Power Commander III or Power Commander V equipped Motorcycle.

Quickshifter Video

NOTE: Offshore purchasing.

While buying products offshore can sometimes be cheaper in the short term, it may cost you dearly in the long term. Product purchased outside the Australian distributer network does not and will not receive technical support, upgrades or warranty with Australia. In addition purchasing locally ensures full warranty and technical support - in addition to keeping Australians employed and trained, of course!