Gifts for the 17th wedding anniversary

Gifts for the 17th wedding anniversary

Here is a story of how the 17th anniversary celebration went down in the hamlet of Hogenburg, Denmark. Just to give you an idea of the date, this was the year the young Hans Christian Andersen met his wife, Margret.

The story goes that the two met while the Disney movie “Frozen” was on the big screen. Andersen was impressed by the image of a princess whose body was frozen in ice. His initial impression was not pleasant. However, as he saw that the female character was beautiful, and that the story was really great, Andersen decided to make up his mind about marriage.

Andersen was in love with Margret, and on the recommendation of an old friend, a romantic proposal was arranged. The proposal took place when Andersen left Denmark for the first time in his life and left his entire fortune to Margret. Her family was very happy, since the wealth would fund more books and other projects for children.

Andersen and Margret stayed in Stromones, a small village in Minas Gerais, Brazil. On the 17th anniversary of their wedding, Andersen came to visit Margret in her home. She showed him the sketches she had done. Andersen thought they were great and asked if he could make a drawing of his own.

Andersen used pencil and paper and sketched his masterpiece, “The Little Mermaid”. At first, the idea of painting and drawing was a little daunting, but he made it through by just taking small steps. He gave up sketching after five days. The next morning, Andersen did a detailed drawing of his princess, and Margret was very pleased.

After living in Stromones for ten years, Andersen decided to move back to Minas Gerais. The two of them were happy with their new home, even though it was small. The next few years, they spent much time together, while living in Nelso de Castro, Brazil. After that, Andersen left to get a divorce from Margret.

The story of their “Frozen” marriage has been turned into a movie, which was released in 2020. The movie, “Disney’s ‘Frozen’ “, became a hit, so much so that the film has made more than $700 million in the U.S. alone. It was so successful that Walt Disney World, along with many other Disney resorts, made plans to build an actual ice palace in Disneyland, Florida. Now, they are building a second one in the Dominican Republic.

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